Monday, October 31, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ): Is Dina Manzo Pregnant?

We haven't seen anyone else bring this up - but could it be possible that Dina Manzo is with child? This wasn't even a thought in my mind UNTIL I saw The Wendy Williams Show (haaayyyyyy Wendy, how you doin?) last Friday.  

Here's what made me suspish:

1.  For the first time that I've ever seen on The Wendy Williams Show (and I watch a lot of Wendy, trust), Dina was introduced ALREADY SITTING DOWN ON THE COUCH.  As in, after the commercial break, girlfriend was already on the couch and Wendy did some halfhearted "here's Dina" sort of intro.  

Exhibit A - This is how she was already sitting for the intro....
Could it be that she was too self-conscious of a budding baby bump to do a normal "walk on"????????????

2.  Numero Dos.  Dina was wearing a super baggy top and her hands were crossed over her belly for THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW.


3.  Three, her hair looks a touch darker - okay, I know that's most likely her fall color, but ya never know.  Lots of times women go back to their natural color to avoid harsh hair dye chemicals during pregnancy.

4.  And finally, I have no idea if Tommy Manzo (Dina's husband) has any children of his own - but to the best of my knowledge he does not.  Given the large Manzo clan - you think we'd know if there was another cousin to Chris, Albie, Ashley and the gang right?????? So maybe Tommy's biological clock kicked in and they made it happen?

I know totally not circumstantial AT ALL. May as well be fact right?  

JK That's all I got - but that Wendy intro was super weird - enough to make any sleuthy loser such as moi self give a "say wha?" side eye.  


Guess we'll find out soon enough.  But if it ends up being true, I need tons of props and adulation for figuring it out first.  



  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I just saw the show today and I thought the same thing. Her legs were crossed she was at the far end of the sofa. When she moved over she slid and pulled her shirt over her legs and her face looks fuller!

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Check her out on Dina's party. All big clothes. Plus her face looks heavier and she's not wearing a ring which is typical if your hands retain water during pregnancy.