Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OK - I Need To Know - Who Else Is Watching "The Only Way Is Essex?"

So, Hulu recently posted the first two seasons of this British "The Hills" photocopy of a photocopy of a ripoff.  Seriously, there is no shielding of the blatant rip job.  It's called "The Only Way Is Essex" or TOWIE to the initiated,  and it's a staged-looking reality show of a bunch of young townies from someplace called Essex over there which apparently means something, but heck if I know what it is.  

Meanwhile, cut to me being so bored on Monday night that I decided to watch the first five episodes of Season 1.  No joke, one of the girls - some chick named "Amy" -  looks almost exactly like Audrina Patridge - like, they could be fraternal twins FOR REALSSSSSSS.  Another is named Lauren and she works in fashion y'all!!!!!!!!! She's gettin' ready for Essex "Fashion Week," You're kidding right? 

And yes they speak English but I can only understand like every third word - I really need them to have subtitles all up in there because Google won't translate "English" to English for me.

But I must say that I do like that they film each episode in the same week that it airs and they sometimes show reactions of each person watching the TV as their castmates rip on them.  That is something American reality TV needs to incorporate STAT.

Oy - what a mess.  So, of course you know I'm gonna keep watching OBVIOUSLY.  Has anyone else subjected themselves to it? Please let me know!

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