Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trolling for Twits! Tweets of the Day

Look what I found scavenging at Twitter.  It's a slow day today - I had to work hard cutting out the 99.5% of posts about fffff, ffffffff, ffffffff, football. I'll send you the bill. 

Sulk the prophet speaking universal truths...

1.  thesulk I'm happy for my friends. More so when they fail.

Lil Jon finally running out of pep? Somebody call an ambulance... get him some Crunk Juice, stat!


Snooks n Pauly finally listening to destiny?

3.  DJPaulyD“@Sn00ki: @DJPaulyD ;) wanna make some guido babies?”<<<< Yupppp

I get sad when Arj and I aren't on the same continent... 

4.  arjbarker On my way to Sweden, to make humor for their ears.

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