Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trolling for Twits! Tweets of the Day

To my ones (or maybe someday tens) of readers.  I slaved tirelessly for you today, spending minutes upon minutes excavating the least boring* in the murky cesspool that is Twitter.  Please click interesting if you think it was worth my precious time I could have spent drinking a mint julep.**  
  1. SethMacFarlane: RT @ebenezerscrooge: xmas sux xmas rulz
  2. CGottiAgnello (john gotti's grandson): With some bad peopleee
  3. thesulk (sarah silverman's main squeeze): Thanks for reminding me of death, sunsets
  4. rustyrockets (russell brand): Told, not "tild" there is no agricultural element.
  5. natashaleggero (commediene and Chelsea Lately reg): Every 2 blocks in NY there's someone having the worst day of their lives.
* In my opinion, and let's face it - that's all that counts on MY blog. Just kidding, stay please, I'll make you a sandwich.  I know that came out creepy, no don't leave - I only care what you think. I'm pathetic, now I've gone and ruined everything.  Da rabbits George.

** If I was a middle aged women named Beverly or Delta in the south with a parasol. I've never really had one, don't even technically know what a mint julep is.  What's in it? Sounds fancy.

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