Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brandon Davis Not Dead - How the Blogerazzi Tried to Kill an Oil Heir

Imagine my surprise when my iGoogle screen proclaimed that Brandon Davis was dead.  Cut to a "Refresh" later and the link is dead.  Why?  Well you see, Brandon Davis is dead, but it's not THE Brandon Davis.  A man with the same moniker was found dead in a North Las Vegas gas station.  And before you could sneeze "get your facts straight" the blogerazzi was already pushing news flashes live with promises of details coming.  The good news in today's instant world obsessed with breaking news - at least the retract is easier and less embarassing than on air or in print.  You could just pretend it never happened.  Click, whimper, and within just a couple of minutes all the stories were down (caches notwithstanding).   Now everybody go home.

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