Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Time I Almost Cried About The Axl Rose / Slash Feud AKA A Story About The Internet Vortex

So one night I was all sitting there thinking to mahself, "remember the song November Rain? That was like a really good  video." So I hopped on the old YouTube and watched the symphony of cinematographic perfection riding bitch with musical genius (sorrs, can't embed). Um, how much do we love the Slash-in-his-leather-chaps solo outside the church?  P.S. side note, I miss Axl Rose running around in white biker shorts.

But I digress.  Anyway,  then I got all nostalgy for Guns N' Roses and their Appetite for Destruction album so naturally I watched the Welcome to the Jungle video (which made me freak out inside thinking oh my gosh, I want to run to a Hollywood bus stop RIGHT NOW and scream at every teenage toehead to "GO BACK BEFORE THIS CITY EATS YOU UP!!!!!!!!!" But then I remember that Hollywood is an innocent underbelly these days full of falafel, Brent Bolthouse, the Kodak Theater and just a little bit of drugs and prostitution.

Then I watched the Sweet Child O' Mine video and  I was like, wasn't that chick in the SCOM video Axl's girlfriend back in the day?  And yes - turns out they were together for a minute (which means a long time in slang FYI)  she was also the daughter of one of the Everly Brothers (they sound familiar, and old - I don't feel like looking up their discography cause the digression is workin' at max levels)  but they broke up because ish got hectic, which doesn't surprise me given that, according to Wikipedia:  Rose and Everly were married on April 28, 1990 in Las Vegas. According to Everly, Rose had shown up at her home the previous day with a gun in his car and told her that he would kill himself if she did not marry him..

I mean, right?

Then I started getting even more upset that the band wasn't together anymore. Axl's childhood seemed sad you guys - and who doesn't meltdown in their 20s? Does that mean we all (AKA MANKIND) have to be robbed of musical nectar? Because, couldn't they see it? And then I tried to piece together the downfall.  So I got ta Wikipedia'ing again like a mofo.  And like, it turned out it was Axl vs. the rest of the band - as most fans already know.

And then I got all obseessed with finding footage of the last interviews of the band together, and then Slash and Axl interviews post breakup - cause every journalist in the WORLD asked them about each other everytime they granted a camera in their face.
Like,  more than Brad and Jen - epic proportions.   I don't exactly remember everything I learned from it.  If I recally correctly, at some point Slash was over it, and then Axl still wasn't.
 And blah blah blah Axl re-forms the band with a dude that has a KFC bucket on his head?? and so on.

Then I got all sidetracked because I never realized how cute Izzy Stradlin was - because he didn't seem that cute to me when I was a little kid when GNR came out.  But as an adult, I'm like Izzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy.
So I started YouTubeing Izzy and he seemed pretty netural over the feud.  He just kind of got sick of everything and left the band.

This is my FAVE Izzy video of all time, because he seems so deep and nuanced... skip to 1:09 to  hear his wisdom:

Hey Izzy, sup?

My mind is exhausting right?  K, bye!

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