Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obsessed With: Alec Sulkin

Image Source: Alec Sulkin's Twitter @TheSulk

A lot of times, people on the street don't come up and ask me, "who are you obsessed with these days?"  But if they did, I'd have some things to say on the topic.

So a new feature "Obsessed With" is born.  For the inaugural post-ola, we'll start with Alec Sulkin.

Who is he?  
Alec is a writer for Family Guy - one of the greatest sitcoms in the solar system.

Yeah, but Family Guy has like a gajillion writers.  Why him?
Well, Alec used to (like very recently used to) date comedic great Sarah Silverman.  So we thought to ourselves, "Sarah is funny, so if she likes him, he must be cool right?" Saved a lot of analysis time that way.

But, what else does he do?
When we're not obsessing over what went wrong in their relationship, and why the kids can't make it work, we're reading Alec's Twitter, which is only gross and offensive some of the time.  Most times it's pretty funny.  He also seemed pretty likeable in an episode of comedian Pete Holmes' podcast (called 'You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes').  P.S. Pete Holmes - you're semi cool and all but you need to let your guests SPEAK on your podcast and stop de-railing them with your pointless musings.  Just a suggest.  Love ya.

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