Monday, May 23, 2011

Jersey Triple Threat. Who Is Ready For Some Real Housewives of New Jersey Action???? Plus a Little Jersey Shore To Tie You Over. Oh Yeah, and I Mention Mob Wives Too, Hence the TRIPE THREAT (typo but I'm keepin it. LOL TRIPE!!!!!).

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Teresa's Season 1 Hair
Can't. Properly. Articulate. My. Level. Of.  Excitement about Season 3 Episode 2 of RHONJ coming up any moment now! Though I will say that Mob Wives has made it easier to get through the week.  Helps take the edge off the RHONJ withdrawals.

Prediction about WWHL with Teresa tonight, she's gonna do that thing where she clams up and gets weird and dodges all questions of substance. 

 I live for this sh***t (said in an 80s buddy cop voice)/

Can we just discuss Teresa's brother for a second?  First of all, yes, he's definitely the show stealer to contend with.  Hands down, move over Gia, a new star is born. Meanwhile, at night, when it's really quiet and I'm just about to fall asleep, the "toe scene" that has been permanently burned into the back of my retinas, flashes back into life to haunt me. Needless to say, there's been a lot of sleepless nights lately.

Oh yea, anyhoozles, moving on to Jersey Shore,  just in case you thought that Ronnie and Sammi were SO OVA FA GOOD, guess again.  They've already been photographed (of course the photo agency wouldn't accept half my cupcake as payment, so, yea, sorry bout that - but here's a leeeenk) together being all romantic and barf.  Stay tuned, story still developing.

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