Monday, August 06, 2012

Watching The Mars Rover Thingy - So Far Favorite Part Is Fauxhawk Dude

So, I'm sittin' here bored on a Sunday night, and decided to check out this WALL-E landing on Mars (AKA Mars Curiosity AKA Mars Rover) coverage stuff - to tab to every now and then as I watch the NEVERENDING EXCITEMENT OF THE CORGI CAM. Okay, nothing blog worthy...

But then - I check out the Live Stream.   Okay, just some NASA lookin' dudes in a Mission Control setting,nothin' much to see here yet... BUT HEY!!! WHOA! who's the FauxHawk dude? With stars shaved into the side of his head no less!?

So many questions!

How did he get NASA to hire him? Or did he have normal hair before? And then, knowing he'd be front and center tonight decide to shave it up so he could stand out in the broadcast and become a Trending Twitter topic? Was there a big FauxHawk controversy before they went live? Did they threaten to take him out of the shot?

Or maybe, just maybe, NASA decided to hire some Hollywood agency to hip up their image - and this was what they came up with?


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  1. Its gotta be the Hollywood scenario....LMAO