Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills [WORKING TITLE] -- New E! Reality Show -- Casting Rumor

Just dusted off an unfinished post from August, still newsworthy so here goes...

So Deadline Hollywood reported in August that the E! Network, together with iTV America, is developing a new reality show (informally?) based on the popular blog "Rich Kids of Instagram" which features opulent images from the Instagram accounts of wealthy, jetsetting teen and twenty somethings. 

Before you eyeroll me into "that's yesterday's news" oblivion, I have a (maybe) update! So far, no reports include anything about who is cast in the new reality show.  But if you PAYATTENTIONTO (see what I did there?) the chatter and you got your ear to the street, things come together.

I think I may have cracked the code on two of the cast members: Dorothy Wang, daughter of a Chinese business magnate and Morgan Stewart, daughter of a successful architect.

So, where did the info come from? A quick stroll to Dorothy's Twitter account reveals the goods:

At the beginning of this post is a telling photo from Dorothy's Instagram of Dorothy and Morgan in front of a green screen in typical reality show "confessional" fashion. 

Here's another from her account featuring cameramen and Dorothy and Morgan in the background captioned: "Excuse me- SORRY #personality coming through" ...

Will it be any good? Who knows. We'll have to see when it comes out (whenever that will be)...

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