Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jimmy Iovine's Party for Liberty Bell's Birthday (No Peasants Allowed)

Okay, so since our post about that Kim/Kanye/Opray/Diddy pic, we've gleaned more info about the super exclusive affair that brought them all together.

The party was thrown by Jimmy Iovine (who was also pictured) for his girlfriend Liberty Ross. I know, you're all "Liberty Ross? I've heard that name..." Yep, the same Liberty Ross who was married to that director dude who cheated on her with Kristen Stewart (both Liberty and Kristen were stars in said dude's film, Snow White and the Huntsman). But, Liberty has since kicked director dude to the curb and linked up with Jimmy Iovine, who, by the way is chairman of Interscope Records and a longtime music industry legend.

So, aside from the billionaire couch, what else happened at the soop exclu affair?

Not much just:

- East Coast and West Coast mega-don rapper entrepreneur execs P. Diddy and Dr. Dre (!!!) chillin' together:

source:  XZIBIT's Instagram
- And one Mr. R Kelly doing an impromptu take of the mic and performing classics like My Body's Calling For You  and Bump and Grind and Ignition

Source: DJ Eque's Instagram
- A bunch of other big names were there too including Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler (Oprah 'grammed a pic of Gayle dancing with Mick). 

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