Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wendy Williams Real Hair !!!! ???

Girl! Girl! Girl! In a nonchalant move not yet noticed by many, talk show DIVA Wendy Williams casually revealed what appears to be her real hair! This morning a post appeared on Instagram with the caption: "Natural mom making breakfast for sleepover boys! How do u dress?"

Now, while Wendy has 1 million+ Twitter followers, she only has <100k Instagram followers at the time of this post -- but with posts like these, we predict that number will grow fast! How long will it take for this to go viral? Let's see... 3, 2 1....

Lookin' beautiful as ever and keepin' it real! Go Wendy! Go Wendy!

UPDATE: The image was taken down from Wendy's official Instagram soon after it was posted, so this is now the exclusive-(ish?) place to see a recent pic of her gorgeous natural head. 

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