Saturday, July 30, 2011

WOWW Our Traffic Is Through The Roof - Jersey Shore Must Be Coming Real Soon - Here's What You're Searching For

Man oh man.  The website traffic has been LEGIT on fire.  Thanks to the Jersey Shore HYPE SHOW on MTV for the past few days, you guys are all about digging through the Internetters to find out more.

Since you're all so hungry - here's a Top Ten list of terms you searched Google landing you at this glorious (AKA busted) site (I think you'll notice a very subtle pattern - if subtle means in your face like a MACK track):

1. jwoww plastic surgery
2. jwoww plastic surgery face
3. did jwoww get plastic surgery
4. jwoww face plastic surgery
5. jwoww lip injections
6. arvin lall
7. jwow plastic surgery
8. arvin jersey shore
9. did jwoww have plastic surgery
10. jwoww surgery

Needless to say - you're all super concerned about  JWOWW's face.  Like, really concerned. Like if JWOWW was the Bar Exam, you would all be legit lawyers right now.

Oh yeah, and our unofficial mascot Arvin Lall made a cameo in the Top Ten.  Phew.  Thanks for keepin' the dream alive guys.

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