Saturday, March 24, 2012

CSI's Awesome Writers Remind Us There's Only One Designer Who Matters: Gordon Gartrell

Slow clap of the week goes to the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation writer(s)

Let me set the scene, I'm visiting my grandma in Tampa (yes TAMPA!!!!!!!!), where I like to take long naps because, it's TAMPA! So, I walk into the living room around noon (after my mid-morning pre-lunch nap) and she's' watching CSI. I give the obligatory eyeroll at the CBS blue hair stereotype that my grandmother has become and stand there for a bit in my post nap haze, trying to re-combobulate.

Something is going on in the story where there's some chick (who I remember from my old Days of Our Lives watching phase - she used to be swamp girl) that's suspected of using dudes for engagement rings or something. The CSI peeps go into a jewelry store to do some investigatin' - mind you at this point I'm starting to tune it out as I begin to create a lunch menu in my mind of all the junk food I allow myself to eat ONLY WHEN I'M IN TAMPA. As I turn around towards the kitchen to ransack my grandmother's cupboards, a sentence muttered on the moving picture box hits me on the back of the head like a Denny's biscuit in the middle of a post-nightclub feeding frenzy turned brawl over something someone said about someone's girlfriend's hair.

The jeweler in the show says of one of the engagement rings: "It was a Gordon Gartrell original."

Immediately, I am transported back into my fetus self in the living room of our old family home watching the greatest episode of the greatest sitcom of all time - The Cosby Show Gordon Gartrell shirt episode! Nothing in life or TV or movies ever got better than this episode. Cause....Gordon Gartrell!!!!!

To the genius CSI writer who incorporated the name of the most glamorous fictional designer of all time into a show I thought I was too hip for, I say BRAVO. Thank you for the glorious easter egg - maybe I'll start watching the show... but only if you make the dude or woman who thought of this head writer IMMEDIATELY!

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